2016 NFL Draft: Updated 2-Round Mock Draft and Prospect Rankings

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Temperament, personality, desire, internal drive, work ethic, will power, character and heart — they’re the key intangibles which separate the good athletes from the great ones.

Unfortunately, those intangibles are so difficult for evaluators to measure and quantify.

Data for workout numbers such as 40-yard-dashes, bench presses and jumps of all sorts is widely available; so are game statistics for any category you could think of.

Still, these days when every  workout result, rumor, new trendy analytic of the day and hot story of the hour is broadcast out into the digital sphere for all to see, there’s still a mysterious behind-closed-doors feeling that remains surrounding the NFL Draft.

32 brain trusts are all searching for those special prospects that they can mold their organizations around for the future. None of them want to tip their hand before the proceedings start.

At all levels, coaches always trot out that line, “this game separates boys from the men.”

Well, one situation where that mantra certainly rings true is the NFL draft.

Saturdays and Sundays may only be separated by a single thin line on the calendar, but in the football world, it’s a clear dividing line. Excelling in the collegiate ranks against Kevin from chemistry class is one thing. But the NFL is a whole different rodeo. Handling the leap to the next level requires a special type of mental fortitude that only a few collegiate players possess.

It’s up to those 32 brain trusts to figure out who has it and who doesn’t.

The information accumulation phase of the process is pretty much complete. Now begins the all-important final decision-making period. This is the “separating men from boys” period for GMs, scouts, personnel evaluators and assorted front-office executives.

It’s time to hand out the grades, stack the board and prepare for a draft weekend that’s, as always, marked by both intrigue and mystery.

DeForest Buckner, the No. 1 overall prospect in this year’s class , appears destined to become the first overall pick in the 2016 festivities. Still, it’s far from a guarantee.

Tennessee could consider one of the other “Fab Five” prospects: Ohio State DE Joey Bosa, Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil, UCLA LB Myles Jack or Florida State CB Jalen Ramsey. The Titans could also entertain the idea of trading down if an offer is overwhelming enough.

We’ve got another month left to debate, dispute and draw conclusions.

For now, though, here’s my forecast and projections for every pick in the first two rounds of the 2016 NFL draft, as well as complete prospect rankings for every major position.

2016 NFL Draft: Updated Running Back Rankings After Combine Workouts

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Following the conclusion of each day of the 2016 NFL Combine, prospect rankings for every position group that performed that day will be updated and published. These version of player rankings will include only players at the position that were invited to Indianapolis.

Here’s a look at the updated prospect rankings, including the top five overall prospects, for the running backs following their workouts at the 2016 NFL Combine. Physical measurements and results from every test that the top five players participated in are included.

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College Football’s Most Dangerous Offensive Weapons

College Football, College Football 2015

Every season, there are a select few offensive skill-positions players who stand out for their ability to routinely create big game-changing plays.

They are the special playmakers who possess that rare gift that’s necessary to create explosive plays that will energize their teammates, excite a crowd and expose opposing defenses.

They are the players that have the potential to create something absolutely electric any time they have the ball in their hands.

So who will be the playmakers that will be creating those big plays this fall?

Here’s a look at college football’s 10 most dangerous offensive weapons for the 2015 season.

2016 NFL Draft: Preseason Prospect Power Rankings

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For the past two months, football fans have had to hear talk about the MLB, NBA and NHL drafts. They likely miss the draft chatter that dominated the headlines for the first four months of the year when the 2015 NFL draft was one of the hottest topics in sports.

The focus may have shifted off of football lately, but with July lurking around the corner, and the kickoff weekend to the 2015 college football season looming on the horizon, it’s finally time for fans to get acquainted with the next generation of star pro prospects from the 2016 draft class.

Here’s a look at Gridiron Perspective’s complete preseason prospect power rankings for the 2016 NFL draft.